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Thanks for visiting the official website of Anderson Chiropractic, Peters Township, Pennsylvania's resource for high-quality natural health and wellness care. Under the leadership of our Peters Township chiropractor, Dr. Scott Anderson, we've been providing non-invasive, drug-free treatment for a wide range of injuries and health conditions since 1995. We hope you will take the time to explore this website and discover how our skill and expertise can help improve your quality of life.

If you have never experienced or even considered chiropractic adjustment before, you could be missing out on an amazing degree of all-natural relief from chronic pain, mobility limitations and other problems. Chiropractic treatment is centered around correcting the alignment of the spinal column – a collection of vertebrae, cushioned by fragile gelatinous discs, that not only supports the entire body but also contains the spinal cord. When the vertebrae or discs move out of alignment, pressure on the nerve roots extending from the spinal cord can impair nerve impulses -- and thus physical function -- throughout the body, while also causing pain, tingling, numbness and other discomfort. Dr. Anderson's precise adjustments can restore proper alignment, relieving the nerve dysfunction. Poor alignment can also mean poor posture, and vice versa, so by correcting your spinal alignment we also help your body's muscles support your weight evenly -- reducing your chances for tears and strains.

In addition to chiropractic treatment, Anderson Chiropractic also provides a wealth of other natural therapeutic methods, working concert to help all the parts of your body enjoy improved health. This holistic ("whole body") philosophy to treatment helps you heal more quickly and completely because each form of therapy supports the success of others. A violent impact such as a car accident or sports injury could leave with a concussion as well as a cervical spinal misalignment. With this type of situation, we might combine traditional adjustment techniques with nasal cranial release, which specifically addresses cranial musculoskeletal misalignment.

Other natural therapies that are helpful both for treatment of existing problems and for preventative wellness care include Erchonia cold laser therapy, Reiki care and nutrition classes. The "Cold" or low-level laser stimulates cellular repair underneath the skin, helping injured tissues to rapidly heal while also being able to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis. Our Reiki programs combine smart nutritional strategies with an ancient form of manual therapy to correct imbalances within your body.

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