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  • Hiatial Hernia
    Hiatal-Hernia Treatment From Our McMurray, PA Chiropractor A hiatal hernia causes you pain and discomfort. It could even turn into a serious problem in the future. However, our chiropractor at Anderson Read more
  • Acid Reflux
    Chiropractic Treatment in McMurray, PA for Acid Reflux While acid reflux is rarely serious, it could potentially turn into cancer in your esophagus if the acid irritates your throat continuously. It's Read more
  • Diet and Food Health
    Optimize Your Diet and Health With Our McMurray, PA Chiropractor At Anderson Chiropractic, we've seen patients accelerate healing from an injury, manage or reverse a chronic illness, improve their athletic performance, Read more
  • Irritable bowl syndrome And How To Treat It
    IBS Treatment In McMurray If you are regularly experiencing symptoms of a digestive disorder, and you were either diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or suspect it is to blame for your Read more
  • How To Combat The Flu With This Diet
    Combating The Flu With A Plant-Based Diet In McMurray When cooler weather settles in, the return of the flu virus is often associated with this time of year. To help in Read more
  • Herniated or Bulging Disc? Our Chiropractor Explains
    Herniated or Bulging Disc TreatmentIssues with the spinal discs are among the most common causes of back pain, loss of mobility and back injury. The spinal discs are spongy cushions Read more
  • Lower Back Pain Treatment in McMurray
    Anderson Chiropractic Common Causes of Lower Back PainThe lower back is a section of the spine that has a dense network of interconnected joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves; all of Read more
  • Common Office Injuries You Can Avoid
    Steer Clear of These Common Office InjuriesInjuries in the workplace are a concern for every professional and working person. The challenge is identifying the risks associated with working in an Read more
  • What is a Plant Based Diet?
    What is a Plant Based Diet?         Every person has his or her own unique dietary and lifestyle requirements.  At Anderson chiropractic, we assist individuals who are seeking Read more
  • What is Chronic Pain?
    What is Chronic Pain? How Chiropractic Care Can Help             Do you suffer from chronic pain? Is your life more difficult and less comfortable than it should Read more
  • The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy
    The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy            Chiropractic care focuses on maintaining the spinal column, discs, nervous system and overall symmetry of the body in a Read more
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Care
    Chiropractic Care Benefits at Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray, PAChiropractic care at Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray, PA offers benefits for individuals of all ages, regardless of your activity level, and it Read more
  • What Is Muscle Response Testing?
    What Is Muscle Response Testing? Anderson Chiropractic Can Help!When you visit Anderson Chiropractic, our team will talk to you about a variety of treatment options that can offer a significant Read more
  • How Chiropractic Helps You Recover for Active Sports
    Sports & Chiropractic Care at Anderson ChiropracticWhether you're a serious athlete or you simply love a fun pick-up game, the gym, or the great outdoors, it's not unusual to sustain Read more
  • Infrared Sauna Solutions
    Benefits of Infrared Sauna at Our McMurray, PA ChiropractorNot long ago infrared saunas were typically available only at the finest spas, 5-star hotels and in homes of the rich and Read more
  • Ultrasound Benefits
    Common Advantages of Ultrasound from a Chiropractor in McMurrayTaking measures to address tendon pain from a chiropractor in McMurray, PA starts with clarifying your options. A treatment we offer in Read more


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