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How Can a Chiropractor Help with Pulled Muscles?

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Pulled Muscles?

You recognize the symptoms: soreness and stiffness that makes it difficult to move. The culprit: a pulled muscle that's been strained beyond its capacity. This can happen as result of a sport injury or because you did not properly warm up a muscle before using it. While some people believe that chiropractors focus on the spine and bones, but our services at Anderson Chiropractic can also help if you have a pulled muscle.

Pulled muscles can commonly occur in the back, neck, hamstring, and shoulder. But any muscle can become strained. A chiropractor can diagnose the extent of a pulled muscle with a range of motion test. During this appointment, we will go over your medical history to determine which course of treatment is best for your sprain.

Treatments for Strained Muscles

Chiropractic techniques such as Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Manipulation, or massage that encourage blood flow help your body to repair a pulled muscle. Your chiropractor may refer to this as Active Release therapy. Movement around the injury prevents stiffness from occurring or increasing. Your chiropractor may also advise the use of Kinesio tape to support the strained muscle as it heals.

Proper care of a pulled muscle can speed recovery. If you do not treat the muscle, it can continue to cause you pain for a long time and can become aggravated again when you use it. Proper treatment can also reduce the likelihood that the muscle will become injured again in the future.

Along with chiropractic treatment, you may find relief from over-the-counter pain killers, and use of ice after the initial injury to reduce inflammation. Compression and elevation at the offset can also reduce symptoms caused by a pulled muscle. Together, these make up the I.C.E. method (ice, compression, elevation). You can apply heat to the affected area once the pain decreases can continue to encourage healing in your muscle.

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