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Types of Migrine

What Are Migraines, and How Are They Diagnosed?

Migraines are no fun. They can put us down for hours or even days at a time, and even when pain medication is taken there is often little choice but to wait it out. The good news is that more research has been done on migraines in recent years, and it is becoming well known that chiropractic treatment can help ease them.

At Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray, we are working to help patients across Pennsylvania get relief from migraines. And it all starts with spreading awareness about what migraines are in the first place.

To start, there is a common misconception that a migraine is just a terrible headache. But this isn't quite true. Instead, migraines are a combination of neurological symptoms that can result in intense head and/or facial pain, sometimes stomach pain, among other things. Diagnosing a migraine can be challenging at times, but it typically involves examining the duration of the pain as well as the symptoms associated with the pain: sensitivity to things like noise, light, smells, etc.

Common Types of Migraines

You may be surprised to learn that there is actually a multitude of different types of migraines. That said, most migraines can be put into at least one of several different common categories:

Chronic Migraine - This kind of ongoing migraine occurs about 15 days out of a month or more, and it may accompany various underlying illnesses (or a severe spinal misalignment).

Acephalgic Migraine - Also known as a "silent migraine", this kind often seems to sneak up on the patient. It may be accompanied by vision problems or color distortion.

Aura Migraine - This migraine is the opposite of a silent migraine in that it includes a variety of notifying symptoms at the onset. Flashing light, waving visuals, tingling, numbness, etc. may come about 30 minutes or more prior to the head pain itself. This is the standard type of migraine.

Episodic Migraine - This common type consists of a pulsing type of head pain with photosensitivity and worsening from physical activity and occurs less than 15 days per month

Hemiplegic Migraine - This rare type of intense migraine manifests itself on one side of the body and may come with severe weakness and temporary physical disability.

Ocular Migraine - Also known as a "retinal migraine", this form is focused on the eyes and may be accompanied by blurriness, fuzzy spots, sparkles or flashes of light.

How a Chiropractor Can Help Manage and Treat Types of Migraines

Believe it or not, migraines are often worsened or in some cases even brought on entirely by a neck or spinal misalignment. At Anderson Chiropractic we assess all of your symptoms to determine which kind(s) of migraines you are suffering from. We strive to provide the most accurate treatment to give you relief.

If you're suffering from migraines and live in the McMurray, PA area, call 724-941-5805, to schedule an appointment today, our talented chiropractic staff is waiting to help you.


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