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Healing Migraines with Diet Changes

Healing Migraines with Diet Changes

At Anderson Chiropractic, we can help manage your migraine with diet changes and chiropractic care. Diet changes have been shown to reduce the occurrence and pain associated with migraines. Our whole food diet has helped patients with migraines reduce pain along with chiropractic care. Our chiropractor in McMurray can work with you to design a custom diet that helps reduce daily migraines and provide chiropractic care.

Diet For Migraines

We will help you cut down on the caffeine in coffee or tea. It is recommended to have one or two cups daily. Some patients will have to lower the amount of caffeine or avoid caffeine. Cutting down on caffeine will help you manage your migraine effectively. When you need to cut down, we will help you reduce your intake slowly.

Foods that trigger migraines are wine and beer, chocolate, aged cheese, cured meats, smoked fish, and food preservatives. Our program suggests you keep a food diary to find out what triggers your migraines. We will suggest exercise along with the diet to help you manage stress. Our diet recommends whole grains because they have more vitamins and minerals. Gluten-free grains for some patients help with allergies to gluten. Try to avoid white rice, bread, and pasta.

Eat more fruits and vegetables daily half the plate should be filled with fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to eat a variety of vegetables as part of your daily meals. We recommend eating smaller amounts of healthy seafood raised in the wild, organic eggs, free-range or grass-fed meats, and organic dairy products. The aim is to reduce the amount of these foods and focus more on plant-based meals. You should use healthy oils like olive oil, coconut, or avocados. Patients eat beans, seeds, and nuts. Plant-based proteins from beans, nuts, and tofu is recommended.

Limit sodium from processed food by preparing meals yourself. Some patients find eating 5 small meals per day helps with migraines. We recommend drinking water and less sugary drinks with meals. Overall, we will help you plan meals and find food that triggers headaches to help you reduce and manage migraines.

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Our chiropractor may perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to relieve pain and improve the functioning of the spine. He may design exercises to do at home or suggest regular exercise like walking, biking, or swimming. We will teach you relaxation techniques to relieve stress along with dietary changes. Contact us at Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray to learn more about managing migraines by calling at 724-941-5805 or filling out the online form.


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