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Irritable bowl syndrome And How To Treat It

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IBS Treatment In McMurray

If you are regularly experiencing symptoms of a digestive disorder, and you were either diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or suspect it is to blame for your discomfort, finding relief is sure to be a concern. Contacting Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray to meet with our chiropractic team along with changes to the diet can help improve your overall health. Here is some information about irritable bowel syndrome including why a visit with our chiropractor can help.

How To Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms usually involve constipation and/or diarrhea, along with bloating and stomach pain. It is important to avoid triggers that cause these symptoms if you suffer from IBS. This includes changing the diet to options that help to reduce bloating and elimination troubles. In addition, consider increasing your liquid intake to keep your digestive system clean and hydrated.

How Your Diet Relieves Symptoms Of IBS

The foods you eat make a huge impact on the frequency, duration, and intensity of symptoms you experience if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is best to avoid caffeinated products within your diet altogether. Increase your fiber intake to help keep from becoming constipated. This is done by adding beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereal or bread to your diet. Eat foods rich in sorbitol as well. Good sources are plums or prunes.

How Chiropractic Care Makes An Impact

Finding relief from IBS is obtained with a trip to our chiropractor. We will assess your situation and use gentle manipulation tactics to help relieve stress upon joints and relax muscles in the body. This helps to improve posture, which in turn keeps the digestive tract free of constrictions. We will also offer suggestions regarding exercise or stretching to help keep your body tone and symptom-free.

Schedule An Appointment With Anderson Chiropractic Today!

If you are interested in finding relief from the discomfort associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, contact Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray to make an appointment with our chiropractor for an evaluation. Contact our practice today by calling 724-941-5805 and find relief with non-invasive procedures.


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