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Hiatial Hernia

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Hiatal-Hernia Treatment From Our McMurray, PA Chiropractor

A hiatal hernia causes you pain and discomfort. It could even turn into a serious problem in the future. However, our chiropractor at Anderson Chiropractic, serving McMurray, PA and the surrounding region, can help you manage your symptoms as well as prevent a complication in the future.

Definition of a Hiatal Hernia

A hiatal hernia is a condition that occurs when the upper portion of your stomach pushes through your diaphragm and then enters into your chest cavity. Your diaphragm helps you breathe and is typically above your stomach. This issue is most common in people over the age of 50. However, the exact cause of a hiatal hernia isn't known. An injury or repetitive stresses on the muscles in this area put you at a higher risk. Frequently coughing, vomiting, or straining during bowel movements make it more likely for you to develop this condition and so does lifting heavy objects. On the other hand, smoking and obesity can increase your risk as well.

If you have a hiatal hernia, you may have pain in your chest or epigastric area. It's possible for you to experience frequent heartburn that seems to worsen when you lie down or even lean over. You could also have trouble swallowing and belching.

Chiropractic Care for a Hiatal Hernia

A chiropractic alignment can help reduce some of your discomforts since researchers believe the nerves in the spine have a connection with those in the abdominal region. Therefore, by lessening any pressure on the nerves, you can ease your symptoms.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

In particular, if you're experiencing heartburn, our chiropractor can recommend diet changes to help you reduce the occurrence. For example, our chiropractor may advise you to cut back on the spicy foods you eat, which can aggravate a hiatal hernia. Another hiatal-hernia treatment our chiropractor may provide is lifestyle recommendations like avoiding lying down immediately after you eat.

Schedule an appointment for hiatal-hernia relief by contacting our chiropractor at Anderson Chiropractic, serving McMurray, PA and the surrounding area, by calling 724-941-5805.


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