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Chiropractic Care & Techniques From Our McMurray Chiropractor

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Physical pain or discomfort from an accident requires active measures to address the underlying factors contributing to your discomfort. When you seek help from our McMurray, PA chiropractor to address potential causes of pain, you may start a treatment plan. At Anderson Chiropractic, we offer different treatment solutions and chiropractic care based on your situation and your needs.

Evaluation by a McMurray, PA Chiropractor

The first step to address the underlying concerns contributing to your pain and discomfort is an evaluation by our chiropractor. Our chiropractor provides a physical and checks on the alignment of your spine and neck. You may be asked to move around the office so a professional can determine the impact of your discomfort or the situation on your movements. We may also check for conditions like scoliosis to ensure that we provide an effective and appropriate treatment plan.

Chiropractic Techniques at Our Clinic

Chiropractic techniques we offer at our clinic depends on your situation. Since we take a holistic approach to healing and recovery, we use different tools to provide appropriate care and pain management. Our treatments focus on the causes of you pain and we may use a cold laser, vibration plate or flexion distraction techniques to encourage healing.

We use an Erchonia PL 5000 Cold Laser as part of our treatment process. A cold laser does not cause the discomfort of excessive heat and addresses concerns at a specific level. It helps with certain forms of nerve pain, inflammation in different areas of your body and poor circulation. We may use the treatment as part of a long-term and holistic plan of action.

A power plate vibration device allows us to reeducate your body for better health and mobility. When you stand on the plate in different positions, it helps you develop better balance, range of motion and flexibility. The vibrations also help your body heal and improves your blood circulation.

At our clinic, we also use a flexion distraction table as part of our chiropractic care. By using the table and traditional chiropractic techniques, we safely manipulate your body and spine for pain relief. It is particularly useful when handling back pain or related discomforts.

When to Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a holistic tool to help encourage healing and recovery. At our clinic, we recommend seeking treatment when you notice chronic pain or after an accident. You may also benefit from the natural treatments we offer when you develop conditions like arthritis or other musculoskeletal concerns. We offer treatment based on your situation and we suggest seeking treatment whenever you want to address pain or start improving the health of your body.

Healing from an accident or encouraging your body to heal when you develop chronic pain starts with identifying your needs and situation. At our clinic, we offer different tools and treatments to help with long-term goals. To learn more about our treatment techniques or to set up an appointment, call us at (724) 941-5805 today.


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