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If you're a Canonsburg, PA resident searching for skilled, compassionate chiropractic care, your journey is over now that you've discovered Anderson Chiropractic! Our chiropractic, Dr. Scott Anderson, has served Canonsburg and surrounding areas since 1995. From severe chronic pain or injury treatment to preventative wellness screenings and everything in between, we're delighted to be your resource for natural, drug-free, non-invasive health and wellness care.

chiropractic care canonsburgChiropractic Care in Canonsburg

Here at Anderson Chiropractic, it's all about you. Our chiropractor listens carefully to your symptoms, evaluating your current health and medical history at the same time, to create a personalized treatment plan unique to your body. Of course the centerpiece of our service menu is chiropractic adjustment. This esteemed, proven medical technique can correct problems in your spinal alignment that interfere with optimum health. Spinal problems such as misaligned vertebrae and herniated discs can pinch nerve roots issuing from the spinal cord, causing both localized and referred pain. It can also disrupt nerve signals to the rest of the body, causing everything from organ dysfunction to reduced immunity. By correcting these alignment problems through gentle spinal manipulation, chiropractic care can not only relieve nagging pain and restore lost range of motion without drugs or surgery, but it can also improve your overall health and make you more resistant to disease.

But spinal adjustment isn't the only service we feature here at Anderson Chiropractic. Dr. Scott Anderson believes in a "whole body" approach to health, employing a holistic combination of natural healing strategies to get the various components of your body working together like a well-oiled machine. These modalities enhance each other's effects synergistically so our Canonsburg, PA patients can get the most out of their treatment. Some of the complementary therapies used in our personalized treatment regimens include:

Custom orthotic footwear - These appliances can correct a lack of arch support in your feet, improving your entire musculoskeletal function by allowing you to maintain a straight posture.

Nasal cranial release - This treatment correct cranial misalignment issues related to concussion or other traumatic head injuries.

Erchonia cold laser therapy - This harmless, soothing laser can stimulate circulation and cell regeneration beneath the skin, relieving pain, inflammation and swelling while accelerating the healing process.

Reiki care and nutrition classes - This combination of manual therapy and nutritional education helps you balance your body's internal responses and functions.

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Now that you know what our Canonsburg, PA chiropractor can do for your well-being, the next step is up to you. Contact Dr. Scott Anderson today to schedule an appointment and ask about our various treatment methods, services, and any current specials we might be offering. We're looking forward to provide you with a higher standard of health and wellness care for life!

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