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Anderson Chiropractic is your choice Gastonville chiropractor to turn to for pain relief from auto accidents, sports injuries, workplace injuries, poor posture and spinal medical conditions. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that addresses the underlying cause of your pain and implements spinal adjustments to reduce pain, improve joint function and improve mobility. Gastonville chiropractor Dr. Anderson is trained and skilled in a wide variety of chiropractic techniques, including Thompson Drop Table, Flexion Distraction, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Full Spine Diversified Technique and more.

Prior to treatment, Dr. Anderson will perform a comprehensive exam for an accurate diagnosis, such as a physical test, neurological test and postural test. Once a diagnosis is achieved, he chooses the appropriate chiropractic technique targeted to meet your specific needs. Depending on your condition, he may use a combination of chiropractic techniques. Often, the Flexion Distraction technique is used for hip, shoulder, leg and back pain. The Thompson Drop Top technique works well to improve flexibility and strength. The SOT technique is a specialized technique and helps address misalignments in the spine, pelvis and cranium. The Full Spine Diversified chiropractic technique is ideal for cervical and lumbar disc herniation.

Adjunct Services at Anderson Chiropractic

Dr. Anderson embraces the latest in chiropractic care and offers a wide arrange of adjunct services. It is a holistic and multi-faceted approach to healing. Adjunct services include vibration therapy, light therapy, laser therapy, infrared sauna, custom foot orthotics and more. Each therapeutic treatment modality is designed to work synergistically for optimal patient outcome. Whole body vibration therapy stimulates the nervous system and muscles. Light therapy uses light-emitting diodes to repair and regenerate cells for healing. It is highly effective for soft tissues injuries.

Cold laser therapy utilizes concentrated light energy that penetrates the skin surface deeply to reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating the body’s natural healing process. The infrared energy in infrared saunas penetrates muscles and joints. It decreases pain muscle spasms and speeds up patient recovery time. And if you suffer from foot or ankle pain, Dr. Anderson can fit you with a pair of custom foot insoles to properly position your feet and decrease foot pain.

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