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Anderson Chiropractic: Providing Chiropractic Care for Upper St. Clair, PA for 20 years

Welcome to Anderson Chiropractic, where we have been providing chiropractic services in Upper St. Clair for over 20 years. Dr. Scott Anderson, our chiropractor, provides treatment for sports injuries, auto accident injuries, chronic pain, and more. Learn about the Upper St. Clair services we provide and how we can help you recover from injuries and pain and live a happy and healthy life. 

Our Chiropractic Services in Upper St. Clair

At our clinic, we offer a wide range of services that help reduce pain and promote full body health and wellness. Our services include: 

  • chiropractor stretching a woman Upper St. ClairAuto accident chiropractor - You do not have to suffer lingering pain after a car crash. Let us help you heal from the pain, injury, and inflammation of a car crash with gentle yet effective treatment. 
  • Sports injury chiropractor - If you have suffered a sports injury, we can reduce your pain and help you heal so you can get back in the game. 
  • Lifestyle advice - Many of our patients ask for lifestyle advice on how they can help their healing at home. We can offer lifestyle advice, postural tips, exercise demonstrations, and much more to help you recover from pain and feel amazing every day. 
  • Nutritional counseling - Nutritional counseling for overall health and wellness can support your full body healing and help you meet your wellness goals. We can coach you through a lifestyle change and offer targeted advice to help you maximize your energy levels from day to day. 
  • Nasal cranial release - If you have suffered from head trauma, find relief from nasal cranial release that adjusts the bones in your skull to reduce chronic pain. 

What to Expect as a New Patient 

If you have never seen a chiropractor you might be nervous about what to expect when you visit our Upper St. Clair treatment center. Relax, we will always explain what we are doing so you feel safe and comfortable in our office. We focus on providing gentle and effective treatment that improves your mobility, reduces your pain and (best of all) does not mean using pain medication to mask pain. Our adjustments promote gentle healing that reduces pressure on your joints, realigns your spine, and helps you recover from your injuries. When you are ready to recover and maximize your life, let us help you. 

We can provide complementary treatments to help you fully heal as quickly as possible, because we care about your overall health and wellness. We may recommend Reiki or massage for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Would you like to schedule an appointment for chiropractic services? For a limited time, we are offering a new patient discount in Upper St. Clair. For just $49 get a personalized consultation, new patient exam, and initial adjustment with our chiropractor Dr. Anderson (a $250 value). 


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