Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Anderson Chiropractic

Patient suffering from neck pain in McMurray and in need of chiropractic care

If you experience pain, we can use natural methods that are proven to work to relieve your pain without the use of drugs. Learn about the different conditions that we at Anderson Chiropractic treat and how we can help you feel better naturally.

Conditions We Treat

Common conditions that our chiropractor treats include: 

Back pain - Whether you have pain in the upper back, mid back, or lower back, we can treat it naturally so you do not have to resort to surgery. Our back pain treatment methods include the flexion distraction, full spine diversified technique, and manual adjustments for herniated discs. 

Neck pain - Tension and limited mobility in the neck can leave you in pain, unable to work properly, and unable to turn your neck to see what's on the side of you. We will realign the cervical spine using manual methods or the activator method. With a few precise adjustments, you will find relief. 

Extremities pain - Pain in the extremities can safely be treated using chiropractic techniques, including the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). If you experience pain in the wrist, shoulders, elbow, knee, ankle, foot or have plantar fasciitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, we can safely relieve it using chiropractic. 

Auto accident injuries - If you were injured in an auto accident, you may have muscle strains and sprains, such as whiplash. By realigning the spine, we can reduce pain and inflammation caused by auto accident injuries. 

Jaw pain (TMJ) - Tension in the neck, face, and jaw muscles can contribute to jaw pain or TMJ. Our manual adjustments can relieve jaw tightness naturally, reducing your tension and pain. 

Sciatica - Compression of the sciatic nerve can leave you with pain radiating along the back, hip, and leg. Our activator and manual methods will relieve impingement of the nerve, reducing interference and pain. As a result, you will live a pain free life and enjoy optimal health and wellness. 

Irritable bowel syndrome - Spinal manipulation can be an effective treatment for IBS. By restoring the integrity of your spine, we can improve digestive functions and reduce IBS diarrhea and constipation. 

Headaches/migraines - By realigning the cervical spine, we can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines, restoring your quality of life. 

Earaches - It may seem strange to ask our chiropractor to soothe earache pain, but we do this often. By removing interference, we allow the nervous system to work, healing ear aches caused by infection. 

Acid reflux - Hiatal hernia is the cause of much acid reflux. By relieving the hernia, we can resolve your acid reflux naturally. 

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