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Natural Treatment for Tennis and Golf InjuriesAnderson Chiropractic provides natural pain relief & rehabilitation for tennis & golf injuries in Canonsburg, McMurray, Allegheny, Bethel Park, Thompsonville, Pittsburg

Tennis and golf injuries are distressingly common among professionals and "weekend warriors" alike. While occasional aches pains due to mishaps or isolated over-training may not be debilitating, recurring golf or tennis injuries can cause scar tissue buildup in the affected tendons and joints, causing chronic pain and severely limiting your abilities. Fortunately, our chiropractor at Anderson Chiropractic, Dr. Scott Anderson, can help you heal and even prevent these injuries.

Common golf and tennis injuries include:

Tennis Elbow

If you're experiencing discomfort on the outer elbow and losing your grip strength, you may have tennis elbow.Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondlytis, is a form of tendonitis that occurs on the outer side of the elbow. Constant groundstrokes, in particular, can strain the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle in the forearm at its attachment point on the bone.

Golfer's elbow

Golfer's elbow, or medial epicondlytis, is a form of tendonitis similar to tennis elbow except that it occurs in a different muscle. In this case, the medial epicondyle on the inside of the elbow joint is the irritant, inflaming the common flexor tendon in this area and turning its collagen fibers into scar tissue.

Pulled Muscle

Apart from these chronic overuse injuries, it's also possible to experience elbow pain due to a sudden muscle pull or other acute event, especially if the tissues aren't sufficiently loose or warmed up before you play.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This inflammation occurs in the "tunnel" or canal that encircles the median nerve running from the forearm through the wrist. Chronic muscle strain in the wrist, forearm or hand causes swelling, pressing on the median nerve and creating pain, tingling, numbness and weakness.

Rotator cuff syndrome

Every time you swing or club or racket, you're engaging your rotator cuff, a set of four muscles (and tendons) that govern shoulder motion. A faulty swing, overuse or a combination of both may cause tendonitis, bursitis, pinched nerves and torn muscles in the rotator cuff.

Back pain

Both tennis and golf require a great deal of twisting and turning of the spinal column, so it's not surprising that back pain may result. Both sports can produce muscle strains in the back and trunk; tennis serves also put abnormal stress on the spinal joints, promoting inflammation and disc problems.

Tennis/Golf Injury Care for Canonsburg, McMurray, Allegheny, Bethel Park, Thompsonville, Pittsburg 

Anderson Chiropractic makes it easy for you to get natural pain relief and safe, effective rehabilitation for your tennis or golf injuries. Our chiropractor serves residents in Canonsburg, McMurray, Allegheny, Bethel Park, Thompsonville, Pittsburg, which means that we're readily accessible to a variety of local tennis and golf clubs, including the following:

Local Golf Clubs: 

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Chiropractic Adjustments Target The Root Cause Of Injuries

Many physicians refer their sports injury patients for physical therapy, when in fact chiropractic treatment can prove more effective. Dr. Anderson can perform adjustments to the joint to optimize its inner workings, lessening strain and irritation. Other techniques are aimed at breaking up any scar tissue that may be inhibiting joint movement. Erchonia laser therapy is yet another technology we employ to accelerate healing on the cellular level while reducing pain and inflammation.

Preventative care can help improve golf performance or tennis performance by eliminating the obstacles to your technique. If you're injury prone due to technical flaws related to musculoskeletal imbalances, a combination of spinal adjustment and physical therapy can help you improve tennis performance or golf performance even as it reduces the odds of re-injury.

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