Headaches and Migraines

Anderson Chiropractic Treats Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines can occur for many reasons. When pain is present in the head region of the body, a call to Anderson Chiropractic in McMurray to make an appointment with our chiropractor could be a treatment option that has favorable results. Here is some information about headaches to read over so you can learn how chiropractic care can help as a means of pain relief.

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Causes Of Headaches Or Migraines

There are many instances that could lead to a headache or migraine. If you are not getting enough water or if you are not eating regular meals, you may suffer from a headache due to a depletion of necessary hydration and nutrients in the body. If you were involved in a vehicular accident or had a personal injury happen, headaches or migraines can be symptoms of that incident. Hormonal problems often contribute to headaches or migraines, so it is important to have a physician conduct an assessment to rule out this scenario. 

How To Obtain Relief At Home

At home, there are a few methods that will help to reduce or eliminate pain associated with a headache or migraine. If any pain is experienced, retreat to a darkened area without loud sounds present. Eat a light snack and have a glass of water as this could boost your energy levels and allow for healing to occur. Massage your temples to help increase blood flow in the affected areas of the head.

Resting usually helps to stop a headache. Avoid stress and take frequent breaks from stressful situations if they are occurring. If you rely upon pain relief medication for headaches or migraines, you may suffer from more frequent ones when you stop taking medication as a means of treatment. These "rebound" headaches will not stop until medication is eliminated completely.

What Chiropractic Care Can Do For Headaches

Many people find that making appointments with our chiropractor can help to reduce headache frequency and intensity. Our practitioner will ask you questions about the headaches you experience to determine why they are occurring. Spinal adjustments are performed to reduce pain promptly. These adjustments are done using gentle movements along the spine and neck, helping to increase blood circulation so healing of affected areas occurs without restriction. When stress placed upon the joints around the neck and head is eliminated, pain often subsides. Our chiropractor will administer light massage to the upper body to help relieve pain in the head as well. 

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