Hip & Knee Pain


Two of the largest joints in the body, the hip and knee affect all kinds of movements and your ability to bear weight. They can even cause back pain as you adjust your gait to compensate for the pain. It’s important not to ignore knee pain or hip pain, as early treatment can prevent more serious problems or even permanent disability. Here’s what you need to know about hip pain and knee pain, courtesy of Anderson Chiropractic, your chiropractor in McMurray, PA.


Knee Pain and Hip Pain Causes

Knee and hip pain can have similar or very different causes. In some cases, the pain may have nothing to do with those joints but could even be coming from your low back or pelvis. Osteoarthritis is caused by degeneration, or wear and tear on the joints. Both hip and knee joints can develop osteoarthritis. Injuries, such as falls or repetitive motion, can damage the joints or supporting structures. Damaged cartilage sets up an inflammatory condition and can even result in bone-on-bone wear. Excess body weight is hard on weight-bearing joints like the hip and knee. Shoes with inadequate support can also cause pain in the knee and hip joints.

Making a Diagnosis

Before treatment can begin, it’s important to identify what is causing your pain. Your chiropractor will conduct a thorough physical examination and ask for your complete health history. You may be asked to walk or perform various motions such as squatting to see if your body mechanics are contributing to the problem. Sometimes X-rays may be helpful. Your chiropractor may also ask about other things that seem unrelated, such as smoking habits or diet. Nicotine affects circulation and decreases your ability to handle chronic pain. Inflammatory foods such as grains may increase inflammation and make pain worse. All of these factors affect treatment.

How A Chiropractor Treats Knee and Hip Pain

In many cases, knee pain and hip pain result from misalignment in one or more joints. Manipulation can correct the misalignment. However, most people also benefit from corrective exercise programs. Sometimes pain results because muscles in the hips, hamstrings or calves are too tight or loose. Corrective exercises also help assure your muscles are evenly balanced and strong (muscles work in pairs). Other chiropractic treatments such as cold laser, massage or a power plate vibration treatment can improve your balance and flexibility as well as your circulation. We can also counsel you for better nutrition and weight loss.

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