Preventing Golf Injuries

How A Chiropractor Can Help You To Prevent Golf Injuries

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world as it can be played by people of all ages. While golf is a great sport that can help you to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise, the twists and swings that come with it can cause several injuries. Here at Anderson Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services to McMurray and surrounding area residents that helps them avoid and recover from golf-related injuries. 


Warm Up to Avoid Injuries

One of the main reasons why people get injured while they are golfing is because they do not properly warmed up. When you swing a golf club, especially after not playing in some time, you are going to be activating muscles that are not usually in use. If you are not properly warmed up, an injury or soreness can occur. Our chiropractor can teach you a variety of stretches that can help you be flexible for your first swing. We can also work with you to adjust your swing in a way that can reduce the strain that you put on your back. 

Care That Helps You Recover from Your Injury

If you have been injured while playing golf, you could feel pain and discomfort in your neck and back, leading to a lack of range of motion and making it hard for you to sleep. When you visit our chiropractor, you will receive the support and treatment that you need to get over this pain and discomfort. Some of these forms of treatment, such as spinal adjustments, flexion-distraction technique, applied Kinesio tape, rehabilitation exercise, and lifestyle advice, can help strengthen your back and neck, reduce your pain, prevent injuries in the future, speed up the recovery process, and improve your overall well-being. 

Contact Us to Receive an Evaluation from Our Chiropractor to Help Prevent Injuries

For those that are in the McMurray, PA, or surrounding area and suffers from a golf injury, seeing our doctor before you get back out on the golf course is a great option. The team at Anderson Chiropractic offers exceptional care that you need to feel better and recover from your injuries, allowing you to enjoy the game without having to worry or deal with pain. Call us at 724-941-5805 to schedule an appointment.


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