Why Scoliosis Matters, Especially in Children

Scoliosis, is a mild curvature of the spine, and it tends to be a problem parents and growing kids hear about in modern health. The most common cause for the condition tends to be poor posture behavior, but it can be caused by genetics and other factors as well.


What Exactly is Scoliosis?

Technically, a scoliosis condition involves a sideways bend in the spine which generally should be straight from top to bottom, not swaying to the left or right when examined from behind. Scoliosis bends occur most frequently during teenage years when people are experiencing growth spurts right before full puberty sets in. That said, scoliosis can also set in due to poor diet, or health conditions like muscular dystrophy. And not everyone experiences the condition. In fact, the occurrence in a typical sample group tends to be in the single percentage digits.

Many scoliosis cases are mild and slight, which means they can be easily corrected with intentional posture training, medical bracing, or assistance. However, when a case is serious, the twist in the spine can be serious and affect mobility. It can inhibit the ability to run, walk, move properly or even breathe correctly. Typical signs of scoliosis include uneven shoulders, an uneven waist alignment or a higher hip versus the other side.

How is Scoliosis Treated?

When a child is identified with scoliosis, then the typical regimen is to monitor the growth of the patient for the next few years with regular x-ray examinations. If the curve begins to get worse, then additional like a back brace are involved to prevent the curve for increasing. Serious cases may require surgery for proper correction.

Again, doctors already look for scoliosis on a regular basis with growing patients, especially pediatricians. That said, if parents or relatives notice signs of odd growth, it’s a good idea to get a doctor’s review instead of guessing, especially at the first potential sign. The sooner scoliosis is identified, the sooner assistance can be provided to prevent it from getting worse and causing further problems.

Where to Get Help

Anderson Chiropractic can easily provide an expert medical analysis and review of a patient to determine if scoliosis is present, as well as provide guidance on treatment going forward. Serving the regional area around McMurray, PA, Anderson Chiropractic have helped dozens of families identify scoliosis early and the means to treat it as well. With quality expert care, patients are provided a full diagnosis and examination as well as proactive treatment plans for preventing any further curvature as a patient grows. The combination insures a healthy prospect of mobility and growth through development.


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