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Anderson Chiropractic Treats Back Paintreat back pain at anderson chiropractic in mcmurray and canonsburg pa

When you are suffering from back pain the last thing you want to do is search for a chiropractor in McMurray, PA. Thankfully Dr. Scott Anderson and his staff at Anderson Chiropractic are local, professional and experienced with back pain issues. The ideal situation would be to come in for chiropractic care prior to your back pain. However, it’s never too late to get treated by your chiropractor in Henderson, PA. In fact, preventative chiropractic care can help you to avoid back pain in the future. Here are some topics to consider when looking for a chiropractic clinic in McMurray, PA.

What are the Types of Back Pain Treated by Chiropractors?

First of all, chiropractors do a lot in terms of holistic care, treatments and preventative solutions for muscular, skeletal and nervous system health. Specifically for back pain, chiropractors are going to help with acute low back pain. This is a common form of back pain that typically heals itself over about six months. However with the help of chiropractors in PA you can get relief much sooner. If you have chronic back pain you can also get treatment at chiropractors. Yet this type of therapy is more about lifestyle advice, such as exercising the ligaments in the back to strengthen them in order to heal the back from chronic pain.

What are the Main Reasons Patients Visit Chiropractic Doctors in PA for Back Pain?

The majority of patients that come to visit Anderson Chiropractic for back pain have similar reasons for the pain. Auto accidents, sports injuries and pulled muscles are the three main reasons we see chiropractic patients. Chiropractic doctors are trained and educated on ways to treat back pain resulting from these activities. Additionally, patients who visit chiropractic doctors to handle back pain are not going to be dealing with prescription painkillers, such as opioids. These are addictive and dangerous medications that should not be doled out unless they are absolutely necessary. In agreement with this statement Anderson Chiropractic chooses to use all-natural spinal adjustments and realignments to heal back pain. Pain medications are not a part of the treatment program here at Anderson Chiropractic.

What Should I Expect During My First Back Pain Visit to a Chiropractor?

You will be given a physical exam that looks at your overall health. Dr. Anderson may do lab tests to check for levels of hormones, etc. in your blood. He may also use diagnostic imaging to see what type of treatment is best for your back pain. The first back pain visit to a chiropractor will seem a little longer than future visits thanks to the personalized consultation with Dr. Anderson.

Overcoming Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

Our goal here at Anderson Chiropractic in Bethel Park and Upper St. Clair, is to relieve you of your back pain. Contact our office at (724) 941-5805 asap to schedule your first back pain visit to a chiropractor. We are excited that you have chosen Anderson Chiropractic as your back pain specialist.


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