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The Universal Angst of Back Paintreat back pain at anderson chiropractic in mcmurray and canonsburg pa

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of back pain, whether from a sudden injury, nerve pinch or other cause, you know how restricting and debilitating it can be. From a constant stab of sharp pain that stops you in your tracks to literally not being able to move or bend, back pain ranges across an entire portfolio of experiences that affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. The good news is: people don’t have to live with back pain or “manage” it with painkillers. The condition can frequently be resolved quickly and effectively without trying to mask the sensations with temporary medical band-aids in the form of pills.

The Focus of Chiropractic Medicine on Back Pain

A chiropractor has a number of tools available that can help with back pain, both with resolving the immediate symptoms as well as addressing the actual cause of the pain in the first place. These tools range from realigning a patient’s natural mechanical structure in the spine and joint areas to muscular and soft tissue manipulation to breaking up tension spots and strains caused by swelling or stress. One of the key areas of relief provided by a chiropractor tends to be the lower back zone, which can be treated through adjustment, massage, stretching, and more. Combined with rest, ice and heat applications, as well as exercise, chiropractic medicine and the body’s healing ability combined can alleviate a lot of different back pain cases when responded to correctly.

Local Chiropractor Help Is Available for Back Pain Issues

Causes of back pain can come from a lot of different situations. Everything from sports to over-exertion to age and weight can contribute to different types of pain. Even pregnancy and its changes to the body can trigger temporary back pain if nerves get pinched. It's not uncommon for a household to have three different types of back pain that are unrelated, but everyone is sharing their common frustration. Fortunately, Anderson Chiropractic is available. Our team is well-equipped to handle the wide range of back pain cases that come up in regular life, giving you back your freedom of mobility and shutting down the frustrating pain that can stop you in your tracks. Whether your injury came from a recent car accident, a football game, or muscle strain due to age, Anderson Chiropractic can help you fix the problem.


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