Car Accident Injuries

 Spinal Adjustments After a Car Accident From Anderson Chiropractic

One moment you're happily driving along and an instant later, you've sustained injuries in an auto accident. This depressing scenario happens to some 2.6 million Americans every year, leaving many of them with severe musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms. Even if you're not in pain immediately afterward, you may still have sustained damage. That's when you'll be glad that Anderson Chiropractic offers spinal adjustment and other non-surgical techniques to help you get your body back into good working order.

spinal adjustments from our chiropractor in mcmurray

Auto Accidents Damage More Than Cars

A damaged car may keep you off the road, but a damaged body can keep you from enjoying any quality of life. In fact, even a minor "fender bender" that does minimum harm to your vehicle can still transfer powerful forces to your musculoskeletal system. The momentum of a collision or sudden stop can create:

  • Whiplash - This injury of the cervical spine, discs, nerve roots and neck tissues is caused by your head whipping backward and forward
  • Thoracic injuries - If your body twists violently beneath your safety harness, you may suffer from vertebral subluxation and muscle strain in the upper or middle back.
  • Lumbar injuries - A impact can dislocate vertebrae and discs in your lower back, leading to back pain and sciatica.

The Value of Post-Accident Spinal Evaluations and Adjustments

No matter how you feel after an auto accident, it pays to visit our McMurray chiropractor, Dr. Scott Anderson. Some accident injury symptoms are delayed by shock, which in turn may delay your seeking the treatment you need. Our chiropractor can evaluate your spine carefully to check for any signs of misalignment or damage. If you're in acute pain, we can provide treatment right away to ease your discomfort.

Spinal adjustments can make all the difference in your recovery from an auto accident injury. By repositioning errant discs and vertebral joints, we can help restore normal joint motion and take pressure off of major nerves. Flexion distraction is especially helpful for relieving disc injury problems. But our holistic approach to injury treatment doesn't stop with musculoskeletal adjustments. Your personalized treatment plan may also include cold laser therapy (to ease pain and speed healing), vibration plate therapy (to rehabilitate tissues and restore strength/balance), and therapeutic stretches or ultrasound.

Is Your Body in Need of Repairs? Call Our Clinic Today

Don't wait for your body to tell you that it needs post-accident repairs. Call Anderson Chiropractic at 724-941-5805 today to schedule a spinal evaluation and any necessary adjustments. We'll have you back on the road and feeling good again before you know it!


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