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Injury Rehabilitation at Anderson Chiropractic

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Musculoskeletal injuries occur in many different ways, but they tend to take familiar forms -- familiar, at least, to our McMurray chiropractor, Dr. Scott Anderson. Sprains, strains, herniated discs, dislocated joints, and other common complaints require prompt evaluation and correction, not only to relieve your suffering but also to put you on the road to a healthy recovery. Whether you've recently sustained an acute injury or you're struggling with symptoms from an old, nagging injury, Anderson Chiropractic can craft a safe, effective injury rehabilitation program to help you overcome that challenge.

Common Injury Causes and Symptoms

We often lump injuries into categories based on their cause, such as auto accident injuries, sports injuries, workplace injuries or (more generally) personal injuries. But the truth is that each of these scenarios can produce the same kinds of problems. Common musculoskeletal injuries seen at our clinic include:

  • Strains (muscle or tendon damage) and sprains (ligament damage), either from acute stress or chronic overuse
  • Chronic tendon inflammation, as in tennis elbow or golf elbow
  • Vertebral joints or extremity joints that have been knocked/pushed out of alignment
  • Herniated discs that extend from the spinal column and press against spinal nerve tissue
  • Whiplash, a combination of soft tissue strain, vertebral misalignment, and nerve compression often caused by auto accidents

Chiropractic Care and Other Natural Rehabilitation Options

Anderson Chiropractic offers a variety of natural, drug-free injury rehabilitation techniques that work together as part of an integrated plan. Among these, chiropractic care can play a central role in getting your body back into good operating condition. Small, precise adjustments to individual joints can bring the joint components back into alignment, allowing for normal motion once again while also correcting larger imbalances that may have made your whole body especially injury-prone. By normalizing your posture, for instance, we can take unnatural stresses off of your tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Even as our chiropractic adjustments are correcting your joints, our other injury rehabilitation methods can address other issues. You may benefit from a combination of such techniques as:

  • Wobble chair therapy to restore strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Erchonia cold laser therapy to accelerate soft tissue healing and relieve pain naturally
  • Stretching exercises via our LifeSpan Stretch Partner
  • Power Plate vibration therapy to rebuild damaged or weakened muscles
  • Ultrasound to break up scar tissue, relieve joint pain, and speed healing in damaged ligaments
  • Massage therapy to get more blood and oxygen to injured tissues while reducing pain and swelling

Let's Get Your Body Working Again

Now that know more about the benefits of chiropractic care and other techniques at Anderson Chiropractic for rehabilitating injuries, it's time to apply those methods to your own injury so you can start feeling and functioning like your old self again. Call 724-941-5805 today to schedule an initial consultation, evaluation, and injury rehabilitation at our McMurray clinic. We can help you regain control of your body, your comfort level, and your life!


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