Nasal Release Technique

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What is the nasal release technique, and why should you be excited about it? This is a physical adjustment of the bones in the skull, adjusting its structure. It is used to provide headache relief from a variety of causes, such as head injuries, sinus issues, and more.

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During the procedure, an inflatable device is inserted into the nasal passages and then inflated until it presses outward against the skull, adjusting it. This releases any pressure on the skull that may be causing headaches by moving the bones back into their proper positions.

Bones in the skull can come out of alignment because of a number of reasons such as trauma to the head. Poor posture, sinus issues, asthma and/or hayfever symptoms, depression, chronic pain, and other health issues can be the result of bones in the skull that are not aligned in the proper manner. Putting these bones back in place with the nasal release technique improves neurotransmitter activity throughout the body in the places where it is used, and enhances overall health while reducing chronic pain.

How is the Nasal Release Technique Performed?

A lubricated finger cot is attached to a blood pressure bulb, then inserted and inflated (using the bulb) in the nasal passage. One nasal passage is done at a time. As it inflates into the upper areas of the sinuses, the client will feel a pressure in the nasal passage, and maybe the head. Sometimes, clicks or pops are heard or felt in the head, which is good, as it indicates the skull bones are moving back into place. The finger cot is moved into the lower, middle, and upper part of the nasal passage, then back to the lower portion to balance things. Most clients tolerate this procedure well. If they do, more sessions will be scheduled until permanent pain relief is achieved. The procedure is not painful to the vast majority of people who get it.

Is Nasal Release Technique Safe For You?

Although there are many successful outcomes from this procedure and is considered highly safe, it is still important to be aware of the cautions and risks. Those with prior nasal surgery should avoid it, as the integrity of the nasal structures cannot be guaranteed after surgery due to previous nasal reconstruction history. Also, those with bleeding disorders, or who are taking anticoagulants, should use caution when undergoing this procedure, as it can cause nose bleeds (which are typically minor). lastly, at least one person reported an asthma attack triggered by this procedure. Therefore, patients with asthma are advised to bring their inhalers with them when they undergo the procedure as a precaution.

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