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When it comes to finding the most advanced care for your needs, visit your sports injury doctor in McMurray, PA, the team at Anderson Chiropractic. We provide some of the most advanced treatment options that can help you heal and perform at your best level. One of the services we offer is Power Plate. This technique can give you exactly the results you are looking for, but many of our patients don’t know much about it.

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What Is A Power Plate?

Power Plate is a type of machine that uses Acceleration training. In short, it aims to encourage healing using the body’s natural response to vibration. The system sends vibrations into the body, which create waves of energy. As a result, they activate the muscle contractions – making your muscles contract as many as 50 times each second. This can give you an incredible muscle-based workout within a short amount of time. Power Plate sessions don’t necessarily need to be long – usually about 10 minutes – to create a lasting impact.

This is a newer technology, but it is one that is getting a lot of positive results. Not only are our patients benefiting, but this technology is being used by many major sports teams in the United States. And, it is commonly used by A-list stars looking to improve their body.

Why Should You Consider Power Plate?

Power Plate Therapy offers a number of key benefits. When you come in to see our team, we’ll talk about how well this treatment can work for the specific areas of concerns impacting you. It can provide an immediate improvement in blood circulation throughout the body.  There are several benefits to this procedure:

  • It increases overall flexibility.
  • It boosts muscle strength.
  • It works to improve bone mineral density.
  • It helps you recover faster from exercise.
  • It can reduce pain and sore, stiff muscles.
  • It boosts the range of motion.

What Can You Expect from Power Plate Therapy?

When you come in to see our team, we’ll talk to you about any concerns you have and offer recommendations for your wellbeing. We may encourage you to use Power Plate Therapy. Because of how this process works, we may recommend Power Plate Therapy to you if you are working to recover, hoping to build stronger muscles, or need to boost overall physical health. For many people, the result of using this therapy is one of incredible improvement in force production. You’ll see improvement in power and strength. Most importantly, you’ll feel the improvement in the way your body moves.

Schedule a Consultation for Power Plate Therapy with Your Sports Injury Doctor in McMurray, PA

Take a moment to call Anderson Chiropractic now. Schedule a consultation with your sports injury doctor in McMurray, PA to discuss how Power Plate Therapy can help you. Our team is happy to provide a thorough examination and to create a customized treatment plan to address your needs. Call us now: (724) 941-5805.


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