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Whether you've been pregnant before or not, you may be expecting some major physical changes as you experience the nine months of your current pregnancy. Weight gain, musculoskeletal imbalances and other natural occurrences associated with pregnancy can leave you with a debilitating set of aches, pains, and neurological symptoms. But even more worrying is the possibility that some of these changes may affect your baby's chances of undergoing a normal delivery. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure the happiest, healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible -- because our pregnancy chiropractor at Anderson Chiropractic offers safe, gentle prenatal care.

What Changes Does The Body Go Through During Pregnancy?

It's no secret that pregnancy can cause various kinds of discomfort, which is only natural when you consider the profound changes your body must undergo. The most obvious of these changes is the swelling of the abdomen as the fetus grows, accompanied by weight gain that adds stress to your joints. The spinal column responds to this new weight distribution by adjusting its curvature to compensate, altering your spinal alignment to cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Some of these changes can also compress nerves or nerve roots, leading to pain, "pins and needles" or numbness in your extremities. The same nerve compression that causes neurological symptoms can also make it more difficult for your internal communications system to regulate your various physical functions, contributing to hormonal imbalances.

Another change and one you might not be aware of even as it's happening occurs in your pelvic area. The pelvic ligaments become looser to lend more flexibility in this era in preparation for childbirth. Unfortunately, this process can be harmful as well as helpful if it allows the sacral spine to become unstable and lose its alignment -- a potential barrier to your baby turning around in the womb for a normal head-first birth, possibly forcing you to undergo a C-section.

Specialized Care for a Special Time of Life

Prenatal chiropractic care offers many important benefits for expectant mothers. While the basic principles are the same as those used in regular chiropractic care, our pregnancy chiropractor makes use of special treatment tables and techniques to prevent any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. Our gentle adjustments are completely safe for mother and baby alike, and they can greatly reduce your musculoskeletal pains and neurological problems. Better yet, our ability to normalize nerve function during this critical time enables your body to enjoy its best possible wellness during the fetus's development. Best of all, by making sure your sacral and pelvic structures are in proper alignment, we maximize your chances for a normal, healthy birth.

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If you're ready to give yourself and your new arrival a more comfortable and less complicated pregnancy, then you're ready to talk to our prenatal chiropractor in McMurray PA. Call Anderson Chiropractic at 724-941-5805 to learn more about the many benefits of prenatal chiropractic care!


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