Ultrasound Therapy

Sports Chiropractor in McMurray PA Provides Ultrasound Therapy for Sports Injury Treatment

Pushing their physical and mental state to the limits of endurance is vital to professional and amateur athletes achieving their goals.  When sports injuries prevent them from participating in highly demanding activities, your sports doctor in McMurray offers effective, holistic treatment plans to relieve the pain and stiffness of sprained tendons, pulled muscles or joint injuries commonly impacting vigorously active people.

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In addition to spinal adjustments, physical therapy, spinal decompression and applied kinesiology, Anderson Chiropractor also recommends ultrasound therapy for healing injured tissues and restoring health and flexibility to stressed joints.

Ultrasound Therapy for Sports Injuries

Therapeutic ultrasound is an advanced chiropractic technique using heating sound waves to heal soft tissue injuries, improve range of motion diminished by stiff joints and reduce pain and swelling. Your sports doctor in McMurray delivers high-frequency sound waves with a hand-held device situated just above affected areas. Ultrasound energy reaches deep into injured soft tissues and joints to stimulate cellular activity, slightly increase temperature and promote blood flow to the area by vibrating tissues. This temperature increase also helps improve extensibility of tendons, fibrous joint capsules, ligaments and scar tissue. Heat-producing ultrasound waves not only relieve muscle spasms and pain but also accelerate healing of inflammation by bringing more mast cells to injury sites. Key to mitigating inflammatory responses and development of innate and acquired immunity, mast cells are also essential for fighting against viral/bacterial pathogens and allergens.

What Conditions Can Ultrasound Therapy Treat?

In addition to most sports injuries, ultrasound therapy is also recommended for relieving painful symptoms of bursitis, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, joint tightness/contracture and ligament injuries. Approved as a safe and effective sports injury treatment method, ultrasound therapy can be used in numerous parts of the body and for a variety of painful conditions. However, ultrasound waves should not be used for healing broken skin wounds, directed towards plastic implants or near/over body sites where known malignant tumors exist.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy clients have reported a gentle pulsing sensation and/or slight warmth under the skin when receiving ultrasound treatment. Others report feeling nothing. Sensations experienced during ultrasound therapy typically depend on how sensitive skin is to the touch.

Your sports doctor in McMurray, PA also offers cold laser therapy, another type of sports injury treatment that relies on light wavelengths (usually between 800 and 900 nanometers) to penetrate damaged tissues with therapeutic heat. Keeping wavelengths at specific intensities maximizes energy absorption while minimizing scattering of photons. In addition, cold laser therapy is often a successful alternative to surgery and long-term use of pain medications. Cold laser therapy further initiates beneficial biological effects such as enhanced cell growth, expedited wound healing and anti-inflammatory actions to reduce pain and swelling.

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