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Dr. Scott Anderson, our chiropractor in McMurray, PA, uses a variety of services and techniques to treat your injuries and reduce your pain. After a complete chiropractic evaluation, your care plan may include the use of the Therapeutic Wobble Chair to restore spinal health and enhance the effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustments. At Anderson Chiropractic, we believe in a natural approach to your healing and The Wobble Chair fits into our beliefs. The chair is designed to stimulate your body, increase your flexibility and improve your mind/body connection. These benefits speed the healing process and help you return to a pain free lifestyle. If you live in or around the McMurray, PA area, we invite you to Anderson Chiropractic to learn more about The Wobble Chair and how it fits into your healing plan.

Therapeutic Wobble Chair Benefits

The Wobble Chair resembles a back-less seat. The seat pad is suspended on an unstable surface. When you sit on The Wobble Chair, Dr. Scott Anderson shows you specific exercise to improve your spinal health. These may include rotating your hips in a figure 8 shape, forward and backward flexion of the spine, moving your hips in circles and shifting your hips side to side. As you move your hips and spine, you load and unload force from the vertebrae, ligaments, discs and joints. During this process, fluid moves into the discs and connective tissue making them more pliable. When you perform Wobble Chair exercises prior to your chiropractic adjustments, your spine moves easier and learns to maintain a healthier position. The force moving onto and off your spine as you exercise in the Wobble Chair stimulates your body to heal. This is beneficial for herniated discs, muscle strains, nerve pain and spinal abnormalities. The movements also connect your brain to your body so you become more of an active participant in the healing process and your recovery time is decreased. 

The Wobble Chair is also used for rehabilitative purposes. The exercises help to restore your mobility, decrease pain, and reduce your risk of future injuries. Exercise is key to living a full and healthy life. The effects of immobility extend beyond your spine and into other concerns such as cardiovascular risks and diabetes. If our team shows you the benefits of exercise and you feel the healing improvements, the Wobble Chair may encourage you to participate in more physical activities. 

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The health and wellness staff at Anderson Chiropractic uses all the tools in our box to improve your well-being. Dr. Anderson examines the health of your spine to determine which services and techniques will benefit your condition. Whether you are suffering from an auto accident injury, a spinal abnormality or a herniated disc, our treatments are natural, gentle and effective. The Wobble Chair is designed to work with our other services to speed your recovery time. To schedule your appointment, please contact us today at (724) 941-5805.

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