Sports Injury Treatment

Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment Gives You That Winning Edge

People who are serious about their sports know that small changes in ability can make a big difference in the outcome of a match or a game. Since 1995, Dr. Scott Anderson has been providing both innovative sports injury treatment and treatments for performance improvement for athletes of all kinds, but especially golfers and tennis players. After treating thousands of sports injury patients and helping thousands of people become better at their sports. Dr. Anderson, your chiropractor for McMurray, has one important piece of advice for every athlete:

Don't wait until you need pain relief to see your chiropractor! Even better, see your chiropractor regularly for constant improvement in your athletic abilities.

Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment Gives You That Winning Edge

Why Sports Injury Treatment Isn't All About Treating Pain

Even if you feel OK after a sports injury, you need to be checked out by your chiropractor. Here's why:

  • Prompt diagnosis empowers prompt treatment: Many sports injuries don't cause pain, but they do cause misalignment. That misalignment causes friction between the tips of the two bones meeting in a joint, maybe in your spine, but maybe in your extremities. The bones rub against each other for years until you develop osteoarthritis. You treat the osteoarthritis, but you never get over it until your chiropractor reestablishes healthy alignment.
  • Your chiropractor can help you avoid over-training: We've all done it. We try so hard to improve that our performance actually declines. Your training needs change after a sports injury. An experienced chiropractor like Dr. Anderson can help you find the right intensity of training for constantly improving performance.
  • Your chiropractor can give you tips on avoiding re-injury: Always discuss recurring sports pain of any kind with your chiropractor. The problem could be misalignment in your spine or in your extremities. But your chiropractor can also give you advice on how to avoid pain and "minor" injuries that throw you off your game.

Dr. Anderson can help you keep your brain in the game. One of the most important ways to prevent sports injury is to develop brain fitness. MindFit Technology can be what you need to be the best at your sport.

Call Anderson Chiropractic Whenever You Need Pain Relief for Sports Injury

But make a regular appointment with Dr. Anderson to make sure you are on top of your game. Make your appointment with your chiropractor for McMurray conveniently online or please call 724-941-5805.


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